Does it help to control diabetes?

Yes, Ojamin formulation helps improves liver and kidney function thereby helping enhance the entire metabolic system and reducing blood sugar levels.

Is Ojamin Safe for Pregnant Women?

Yes, Ojamin is safe for pregnant women. However, we recommend consulting your doctor.

Is it safe for Children?

Yes, it’s safe to give to children but should be given in small quantity

Does it have any side effects?

Its 100% herbal and natural hence safe to consume without any side effects.

Do I need to consult doctors before taking Ojamin?

As it’s herbal hence completely safe but it is recommended that you still consult your physician.

How soon can I see the results?

Depends on the condition. However, in most cases people start seeing results after 1 month.

For best results how long to consume?

3 months.

Can Ojamin be taken along with allopathic medicines?

Yes, it can be consumed with the allopathic medicines.

How and when to consume it ?

Ojamin should be consumed twice a day. 1 Teaspoon on Empty stomach in the Morning & Before Sleeping

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