Founder’s Story

Mr. L. K. Tate – (B.A. LLB, I.R.S. Asst. Collector of Customs)
In the early forties, Mr. Tate was diagnosed with diabetes. He took numerous ‘Western medicines which had very little effect on him. Not a man to be beaten, Mr. Tate started studying Ayurvedic texts for remedies that were two millennia old. Using what he learned about various herbs and fruits, Mr. L.K. Tate ultimately developed a herbal concoction in 1960. After curing himself, he distributed it freely to diabetic patients. Since then he took Ojamin daily for the rest of his very healthy life.

About The Company

The brand was established in 1974 by Mr L. K. Tate, B.A. LLB, I.R.S. Asst. Collector of Customs, with a vision to offer a one-stop solution for not just Diabetes patients, but also for families looking to improve and enhance their health and immunity levels.
Years later, his grandson Mr Pete Tate took over the reins and built MedTate steering it towards a successful journey. Pete Tate started his journey in England where he went for further studies. After spending considerable time in financial companies, Pete decided to follow his passion for learning about nature’s ability to care and cure. This helped him build an empire in the healthcare industry. After a series of experiences, Pete came across Elbert Vaughn, an American suffering from type 2 diabetes, who had consumed Ojamin and benefited from it. He was running short on the supply and Pete agreed to resupply after a discussion with his grandfather on the miracle potion. When he returned to India, he found more people who had benefited from Ojamin and that is when he decided to work towards distributing the medicine across the UK and other parts of the world. The only challenge was making it more palatable to people of the Western world so he took the help of Swiss laboratory Givaudan to refine the product while maintaining the efficacy and safety standards. To make sure the medicine is more accessible, Pete decided to price it at an affordable rate. He started Tate’s Remedies to introduce 105 natural Ayurvedic medicines like Ojamin to treat and alleviate symptoms of Type 2 diabetics. With time, MedTate formed many R&D and business collaborations and this led to the flagship product Ojamin being available in the top 100 stores.
At every stage of Ojamin’s life cycle, the product is committed to exceptional quality. It brings you nature’s best secrets, Ayurveda and modern-day remedies all in a bottle to help you fight diabetes and other lifestyle diseases while increasing your immunity.
Lead a strong, successful, and stress-free life with Ojamin.

Our Mission

Our purpose as an organization is to help people fight Diabetes with the ancient magic of Ayurveda.

Our Vision

To make Ojamin available to everyone across India and help them control Diabetes.
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